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Wendy is a licensed, bonded livestock order-buyer. According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Wendy is one of only a handful of women in the United States who own their own livestock facility.

While the cattle industry used to be exclusively a man’s world, women are now running farms and getting a handle on the new technologies that make the job easier. According to the latest USDA Census of Agriculture, women run one in every 10 farms in America. Wendy says, “Women are

losing their husband, either by death or divorce, and choosing to take over the farms. But they need help. One of my goals is to help women and men alike, in any way I can”. Wendy’s can-do attitude has helped her carve a niche in a business that’s been predominately a man’s world for decades.

The stockyard’s logo, a little snorting black bull, represents Wendy’s determination. Her barn’s motto, “We take the bull out of selling cattle,” reinforces Wendy’s no-nonsense business approach.

Wendy is 56 and has been raised in the cattle industry since she was a youngster in southwest Missouri. As one of nine children growing up in rural Buffalo and Fair Grove area, Wendy feels as if she practically grew up in sale barns while helping her dad with his import/export Holstein cattle business. Wendy’s dad passed away when she was 11, leaving her on her own to finish learning the cattle business. By age 16, some of her dad’s cattle buddies decided to take the time to show her the ropes.

After buying cattle in central Missouri nearly all her life, Wendy felt the area could use another livestock facility. So in January 2005, she bought and launched Miller County Regional Stockyards. Miller County Regional Stockyards has a sale every Monday and special cattle auctions are also held during the week if there is a need for one.

Miller County Regional Stockyards has held many registered sales for many different breeds of cattle including Hereford. Miller County Regional Stockyards is also the host of the Central Missouri Polled Hereford Association semi-annual sales as well as the Missouri Simmental Sales.

Wendy has always had the support of her husband, Dan Mahurin. He has always been by her side and very supportive of her dream to own a sale barn of her own. Neither Dan or Wendy believe in failure. You just have to buckle down, put your nose to the grindstone and forge ahead.

Miller County Regional Stockyards

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